Associate Diploma Course in Musical Theatre Performance

Our Part-time ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA course is a Professional qualification for students who have attained Audition standards / ability / potential to approx grade 6 level in any two of the following subject areas: Singing / Speech & Drama / Instrumental Skills / Musical Theory and who wish to embark on a career in Music and Drama. Acceptance on the courses is by interview & audition.

Prospective Students 

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                                                       
Minimum Age : 15 years
Singing /Speech & Drama/Instrumental skills : Grade 5 or equivalent

Other two of the disciplines mentioned : Grade 4/5 for 2nd discipline & Grade 1/2 for 3rd Discipline
Language : English language proficiency to secondary 3 level OR C6 at GCE O level OR Grade 5 at N level OR equivalent

NB : AUDITION / INTERVIEW : In all courses the prospective students must attend an audition and interview with the Directors of the School for which an audition fee is payable. They will be required to perform two contrasting solos in their main discipline and undertake various tests in Musicianship or Speech to assess their suitability for the course, and discuss their reasons for applying , general interests

The Associate Diploma Course can be taken as performer in the student’s main study (Musical Theatre Performers) & consists of one year’s part-time tuition on a modular basis involving 36 hours individual tuition on the main study, and 36 hours group tuition in supporting subjects. The final performance examination carries 70% of the overall assessment, with the remaining 30% being made up from examinations and assignments during each of the three modules, Foundation, Development and Performance Modules   each module being complete in itself.

The First Module is a Foundation Module .
1. Focus  on choice of  Programme of candidate’s final recital, sufficient technical basis for performance at this level.
2. Supporting group tuition in Related  Study Areas eg keyboard; music literacy; Stagecraft

The Second Module is a (“Development “) Module
1. Aims to progress from technical to artistic considerations
2. Supporting group tuition in related study areas  to heighten perception & understanding of the  discipline  

The Third Module is the The Final (“Performance”) Module
1. Aims to bring together the candidate’s technical & artistic skills in a typical “lunchtime” recital .
2. Supporting group tuition in related study Areas  will be on  training and repertoire.

At the conclusion of each module the candidate’s progress will be assessed in a series of written and aural examinations and an assignment designed  to explore the candidate’s assimilation of the detail of each  module.
Students may opt to take Diploma Examinations of other recognized institutions during the course with the approval of the Directors. The fees and applications are the responsibility of the student.

In all courses candidates must obtain a minimum of 65% in the work through the year, and demonstrate satisfactory attendance ( 85%minimum) and behavior.
The final “Performance Module” examinations carry 70% of the total assessment , the remaining 30% being made up from examinations & assessments made at the end of the two earlier modules.
Associate Diplomas & Licentiate Diplomas will be awarded as follows :-
Pass    …………………………………………..65% to 74%
Pass with Credit………………………………75% to 84%
Pass with Distinction………………….…….85% to 100%

Those receiving less than 65% will be entitled to appeal to the Academic Board which has the final say in all cases.
The Board will determine which modules/ examinations can be re-taken to secure a pass.

Teacher - Student Ratio (Individual) 1:1 Group 1:4

Tutors: Andrew Wilkinson / Margaret E Park

Fees for Musical Theatre Associate Diploma course:
(Performance) $8696 (includes registration, audition , assessments, miscellaneous).
Final exam fee $1400 (accompanist required at students own expense).