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I have been with A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama since primary school with violin lessons. From when I first started till getting my diploma in violin teaching, Mr and Mrs Wilkinson has been very patient and helpful in helping me get better. I am also now taking piano lessons and although it has not been easy, the centre has been very conducive in enabling me to learn a new instrument!

- Pupil Jannie Tan

Learning in A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama was an eye-opening experience for me. Under the knowledgeable tutelage of both Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, I had my boundaries in music pushed; enabling me to do things I never thought I could, such as conducting a lecture recital! I love how it wasn't just pieces and theory I had to learn, but also history which gave me more knowledge to interpret my pieces upon. All in all, it was a holistic learning experience with enthusiastic guidance and I strongly recommend A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama to anyone who wants to learn these skills!

- Pupil Ian Wong fellowship in piano

Raffles Girls Primary School has been engaging Mr & Mrs Wilkinson & his team in teaching the girls Musical Theatre (that culminates in a concert ) for every course .They are highly skilled musicians and have the ability to build the pupils' confidence and love for the subject. Extremely well organised and always striving for the best , we appreciate their high level of dedication , passion and commitment .

My daughter is taking music lessons with A&M music school since nursery. Now she is in primary 4, I enrolled her at A&M , as the teachers are professional. She has progressed over years with excellent grades. I would strongly recommend A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama as they are an established school.

- Mr Shekar father of Maeda

I had a great experience taking the Diploma in Speech and Drama Teaching at A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama. Professor Wilkinson is very knowledgeable and he shared many insights with me on articulation, voice projection, etc. I am now able to use that knowledge in my course of work to speak, as well as teach with more confidence. Thank you A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama for the great learning experience!

- Theresa Ng

At A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama teachers teach my children how to be inspired by music and to convey their deepest emotions with a tune. They teach them to break all barriers and reach new heights. As a parent I am most grateful and thankful to the teachers.

- Mr Arun

Where do I even begin? Simply saying, “thank you,” seems as if it is not nearly enough to express how valuable your work and even your mere existence is, but the gratitude as a student is unending, nonetheless.
You are truly life-changing individuals, and I, write this in appreciation of you, for I’m indebted to you more than words can describe.

- Biswaroop ( Professional diploma in Violin )

My first violin lesson with Mr and Mrs Wilkinson was in 1999 when I was a primary 3 student. They were encouraging teachers who set high expectations for me, always making sure that i outperform what I thought i could achieve. It is this amazing experience that brought me back to them some 19 years later. Today, I’m again a student of A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama because I couldn’t find anywhere else with such lovely music teachers with both passion for developing their students and classical music.

- Celestine Sng